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(male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> at eleven. thousands of passengers still streaming off a crippled carnival cruise miserable days at sea unsanitary conditions and little food. late details. >> pam: tonight. more than four thousand passengers finally back on solid ground. after their cruise to the carribeans turns into a nightmare! just hours ago, passengers stranded for days on the carnival cruise ship, triumph. disembarked in mobile, alabama. an engine fire left the ship powerless in the gulf of mexico. kron 4's reggie kumar is live in studio. with the very latest. reggie? >> reporter: as passengers came off the ship they had smiles on their faces. others anximously waiting to
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disembark yelled get me off get me off. the carnival cruise's promised to personally apologize to everyone who boarded this nightmare cruise overflowing toilets, raw sewage in the hallways, foul odors, food shortages. passengers say that's what they were forced to deal with while onboard the carinval triump. some even chose to sleep outside, because the air conditioning wasn't working and their rooms were extremely hot. cell phone charging stations filled to the brim, cords all over the floor. this was one of a few places on the ship that had electricity. >> if was tent. city just like the new orleans superdome they asked us to tidy up before the helicopters came in but it was not like that.
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>> with no electricity, no hot water, no running water, no toilets. >> reporter: those on board this nightmare cruise spoke to cnn about the living conditions. carnival's ceo apologized to all of the passengers and said they are paying for all transportation costs to get people back home. carnival said passengers have the option of a seven hour bus ride to galveston texas or houston. they could pfft also choose a two hour trip to new orleans. but, many already have family members picking them and want nothing to do with carnival. >> pam: san jose police say, the end result of case of domestic violence. appears to be a murder- suicide. a man and a woman were found dead in a home just after 4-20 this afternoon in east san jose. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. kron four's philippe djegal
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spoke with investigators who say it is possible. the suspect planned the killing.specifically for valentine's day. >> reporter: the two bodies were found in a bedroom in the two story house behind me. here on the 18-hundred block of bermuda avenue. the san jose police say it appears a man shot a woman, killing her. then turned the gun on himself, committing suicide. >> we believe that there were romantically involved. >> reporter:investigators say a third the house, located the bodies. then, notified police at around 4-20 in the afternoon. police say the two were dead when they arrived. sgt. jason dwyer calls this a crime of passion. possibly the deadly end result of domestic violence. police say they will be
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here through the early morning. a gun next to the man, and that he is the only suspect. the woman's death is considered the sixth homicide in san jose this year. in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: a candle light vigil and memorial was held tonight for the 18 -year old man, trevion foster. the young man who was killed last night outside hillside elementary in san leandro. apparently over a dice game dispute. kron four's jeff bush was there. and has reaction from his family and friends who were there. >> reporter: the crowd arrived at sundown to remember travion fosteronly feet away from where he was found. candles were lit and cards were signed. travion's childhood friend leon led the memorial with a passionate speechremembering and mourning. >> the people that are here right now take a moment of silence and think back of why we are here right now
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and who we lost. the people that's here right now hold him in their heart. so, ya'll just take a moment of silence to think back about why we are here and who we just lost. >> reporter: trevion's mother, tara, was inconsolable. leon continued >> person again. never be able to hold this person again. never be able to love this person again.this could be any one of us right there. over two dollars? now his baby sister has to grow up without a big brother. >> reporter: leon's father says he was betrayed and shot over money he was just hanging with the wrong crowd. and, him being, just the guy he was just trying to hang and fit in. as far as i know the guys set him up. he was not knowing that. he was thinking it was a friendly game and i might win some money. but, they were not thinking that. they were like, we are going to take your money. >> he stayed out of trouble and got good gradesalways had somebody smiling. he never really was down. when
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he was down, i was always there to help talk him through those things. as the investagation continues one thing is for sure, by the turnout tonight and the empassioned speeches that were given, travion was loved by his friends and family. i'm jeff bush in san leandro, kron four news. a 25-year-old man is in police custody after he was caught on camera breaking into a home in danville. he was arrested on suspicion of a string of home burglaries charles ratazak is facing charges of residential burglary, possession of stolen property, among other charges he was arrested last week in connection to the burglaries, but no charges he was released while officers gathered more evidence. in december, danville police began receiving multiple reports of burglaries in town. final confirmation tonight from medical examiners. who have positively identified the body of former los angeles police officer- christopher dorner. he's the man authorities say, killed four people.including two police officers. and wounded three others in a vendetta against his old comrades. that announcement from the san bernardino county sheriff's department. comes two days after a shootout, standoff and fire at a cabin in the mountains east of los angeles.
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dorner's remains were identified during an autopsy through dental records. we are tracking some really nice weather. some breaking records including santa rosa. oakland, 71. hayward at 69. and also the low 70's the warmest sough spot was 70's. temperatures right now, we have a cool down, considerably 56 and in san francisco, lower 50s for it sunnyvale and san jose. we are expecting nice weather. with changes in the form of rain and cooler conditions. >> pam: russian officials say a meteorite has fallen in the a region some 930 miles east of moscow. a spokesman for the russian interior ministry, said the
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friday morning fall caused a blast that broke windows. there were no immediate confirmed reportsian news agencies cited unnamed sources as saying several people were injured at a school in a thinly populated part of the region, which is on the eastern edge of the ural mountains. >> we are learning more of the peace death threats these death threats. and also, women standing up against violence and an olympian charged with violence and murder.
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no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> pam: para-lympic athlete oscar pistorius of south africa. is facing murder charges after the shooting death ofpolice say, model reeva steenkamp was shot four times early this morning in south africa. pistorius gained world wide fame because of his high- tech artificial legs. and
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his participation as the first double- amputee track athlete to compete. the authorities say, there have been recent problems involving pistorius, including quote - "allegations of a domestic nature." a court date is planned for >> gary: coming up all your sports coming up and lebron james. coming up later. >> and if you like today? another gorgeous day. how long this pleasant weather will last the four big changes coming up in the next seven days. well, well, well.
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>> pam: a developing story tonight. a san francisco state senator. threatened with assassination. leland yee spoke out today about the menacing email he received. he says he was targeted because of his gun control legislation. just four weeks ago, i year received an e-mail detailing a rather explicit threat on my life. the author of that particular e-mails specifically stated that if i did not cease efforts to deal with gun violence, that he would assassinate me. in a or around the capital. he
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said that he was a trained sniper. with a detailed and specific we with certain weapons that he would possess and exactly how he was going to kill me. not at this threat, or any other threat is going to deter me from issuing gun violence or dealing with gun violence >> pam: yee's legislation would close the loophole, which allows the sale of weapons with magazines that can be reloaded quickly. using a simple button. here you can see the man investigators say, is the author of that email. everett basham will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon for threatening a public official for the explosive material found at his home. a large crowd of people gathered outside of san francisco city hall today. to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence against women. advocates. supporters. and former victims stood tall. many with signs which said. 'they are rising because they fought back'. flash dancing and other performances were part of the international campaign
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against domestic violence. the one -billion rising campaign, is a global movement taking place in over a- hundred- and- ninety countries across the world on valentines day. >> health officials are warning about a "super" strain of gonorrhea. which is now sweeping the globe. scientists first discovered the antibiotic- resistant version of the sexually transmitted disease in japan. back in 2008. the disease is usually knocked out by a group of antibiotics-- which can be taken orally or injected. but scientists now say, the meds have been no match for the new "superbug." experts do not know how wide the antibiotic- resistant strain has spread. and even worse, the "superbug" does not show symptoms which are typically associated with regular gonorrhea. >> tomorrow morning, a rouge asteroid will pass very close to the earth. scientists say, there is no danger of the rock hitting
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us, but it does have stargazers very excited. kron 4's charles clifford shows us just how close the asteroid will get. >> reporter:the asteroid, which is being called da 14, will fly by the earth at about 5 miles per second, traveling north to south. the asteroid is about half a football field in diameter. da 14 will pass within less than 10,300 miles of the earth. that's closer than the moon and even closer than many orbiting satellites. scientists are telling us there's no chance of this asteroid hitting the earth or a satellite, but if it did the impact would have enough force to wipe out a major city, leaving a crater about the size of arizona's barringer crater which is about a mile across. now we here in the united states won't be able to see the asteroid pass over because the sun will be up and it will be to bright out, but nasa is planning on streaming video of the flyby over the internet. da 14 is expected to pass by the earth friday morning around 11:30am pacific time. in the newsroom, charles
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clifford kron 4 news no audio... >> pam: take a look at this! a massive pillow fight breaks out in the middle of san francisco. it's an annual valentine's day tradition. hundreds of people gathered at justin herman plaza on market street. all to hit one another with pillows. this is not technically a city - sanctioned event, but this will be the 8th year in a row it has happened. last year's clean - up cost the city thousands of dollars. now let's get back over to anny. >> overnight, we're expecting clear skies and if minimal fog no problems
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for your morning commute. it will still be warm. the weekend will look cooler. by sunday but that showers will be there for next week. 52 degrees in oakland. 40's in santa rosa, and the north bay. temperatures will be in the lower 50s as we get toward around 70 degrees. here is a look at the satellite & radar. that offshore flow with the western wind from land to ocean. we will continue to see the warm up with lots of sunshine and dried. here is your futurecast. tomorrow, the blue into the 50s. not a lot of 40's but by lunch, you can see the green. even the yellow and the south
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bay. '70s. 2:00 p.m., we could see upper 60s and lower 70's. i think that we could set some new records. by 5:00 p.m., even the 60s on the green on your screen. for the lows, and not relieved that cold. 47 in downtown san francisco. the highs will be lower 70's and lower 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures are cooling for the weekend. with more rain, likely. been coming up in sports the biggest isst. mary's / #5 gonzaga coming up.
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>> matthew delladova going up against kelly olynyk who scored 31 points against the geals in their first meeting 1st half dellavedova hits the 3-
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pointer on the move he had 19 points in the first half 33-32 st. mary's at the half but he only had 3 in the second half 22 total olynick hits the fade-away 3-pointer gonzago pulling gary bell jr. drills the 3- pointer with 4 minutes left for the dagger final: 77-60 gonzaga pavilion 1st half cal dominating inside richard soloman going off with a couple of dunk and a layup inside cal led 47-22 at the half 2nd half justin cobbs hits the pull- up jumper64-45 cal 2nd half big david kravish makes the nice jump hook inside72-56 final: 76-63 cal
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lenron james is king. lebron james scored 30more witht shooting six striaght games in the 3rd quarter with miami up 20.and dwyane wade pokes it away from kevin durant.and lebron takes it all the way for the dunk 82-60 heat 4th quarter, 94-82 miami lebron hits the deep three pointer as the shot clock expires. 97-82 heat final: 110-100 heat in a perfect world the warriors new san francisco arena would be ready by 2017. warriors new arena redesign the warriors says a delay in the team's planning for the proposed waterfront arena at piers 30-32 in san francisco is due to a design revamping. the problem is one of the few remaining deep water sites along the city's waterfront, and the arena,
11:29 pm
as currently designed, would not allow for a cruise ship to dock there. the report says the warriors are now working on "design 2.0" which would allow for a cruise ship berth on that eastern edge of the proposed arena bad news out of the laker camp. also vern saying he is single however, ....kate upton not .

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